Rubber Roller Brush DIY Diamond Painting Brushing Craft Drawing Tools

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It is mainly applicable to DIY clay sculpture and other aspects.
The oil roll for engraving includes three parts: the handle, the bracket and the oil roll body. The oil roll body is made of rubber and has a blind hole in the center of both ends of the oil roll. The bending is performed at a right angle, a rib is provided at the corner, and a protruding portion is respectively formed at the inner sides of the two ends of the bracket. The protruding portion is movable connected with the holes opened at both end surfaces of the oil rolling body, and the handle is disposed on the top surface of the bracket. Reinforcing ribs are also attached to the top of the bracket. 

1.The product is made of high elasticity and high toughness rubber.The structure is simple, Flexible and convenient to use, durable and practical.        
2.The roll surface is smooth and the covering power is strong.      
3.Due to the use of high quality components and reasonable structure, it can be used for a long time. 

Small size: 14x11.5x4.5cm/5.51x4.53x1.77"
Large size: 17x12x5cm/6.69x4.72x1.97"
Material: stainless steel + rubber